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So lazy, my server was down!
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Bzzzt! Mr Uploads had a bug, because the idiot that runs this page decided to put out a novel!

Holy shit batman! Look at what the porn dollar can fund!


Mr Uploads

Secrets of a porn dealer!
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Would you believe I've marketed porn for years, yet I pretty much never watch it for personal pleasure?

Also, when I do have sex, I like it pretty vanilla!

Who would have thought? Now get back to wanking or doing whatever porn surfers do, daddy has server bills to pay, and Vancouver ain't cheap!

Mr Uploads wants some feedback!
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What do you think about the site so far?

What I aim to provide:

An artist's approach to marketing adult material without judgement.
Little to no advertisements.
A little comedic relief.
A fast, simple layout.

What could I add to make this the best site to browse adult video clips?

-Mr Uploads

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Let's get wasted and look at porn!